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Message from Caroline Barrs to All Clubs - March 2015

Dear Club Secretary,                      

WCSL have moved into the 21st century, bitten the bullet and moved to a paperless result reporting , that is, we are now only going to use play –cricket for results and tables. To ensure that the tables are correct and up to date throughout the season, it will be your club’s responsibility to enter the scorecard on to play-cricket. It is imperative that there are no ‘unsures’ on the play-cricket scorecards, as I must know who played in the matches. I am sure there will be some problems, as my technology skills are poor -  but I will do my best to keep the tables up to date.
As you will all be registering your squads on play-cricket, I will no longer be asking you to also register your squad with me too. However, if you have any players that have joined you from other clubs, or are from overseas, please could you let me know their names.
As requested at the 2011 AGM, there is now a 5 point penalty for your 1st defaulted game, rising to 10 for a 2nd default, 15 for the 3rd, and so on. At the request of the 2013 AGM the default penalty will be DOUBLED if you default after 22:00 on the FRIDAY before the game, therefore if it is your first default the fine will be 10 points and loss of game, 2nd default 20 points etc. More than 2 defaults and the committee will look at your suitability to play in the league.
Please ensure that you have the same umpire for the entire game, (unless completely unavoidable because of illness or transport problems), not swapping at the tea interval. If you are unable to provide an umpire, as a matter of courtesy, please inform your opposition before the day of the match.

If you feel that you are not going to be able to field a team, again please inform your opposition at the earliest opportunity. Some clubs incur pitch hire and tea costs if they do not cancel the pitch early enough. See defaulting penalties. I stress that it is more beneficial for all concerned if you play a match rather than default, a couple of batting and bowling points from a game are far better for a club than 0 and default points.

The start times issued in the rules are advisory, not set in stone. Please remind your umpires of this, there were complaints last year as some over zealous umpires were insistent on starting exactly on ‘time’, there may be issues with traffic or colts using the pitch which make exact start times impossible to stick to.
I urge you to remind your players that everyone plays the game for their enjoyment and leisure activity. There is no place in the game, for swearing at, or making offensive personal comments at, your opposition, abusing the umpires, or relentless repetition of the same phrase.  Coaching from the sidelines, or coaching when umpiring, also has no place.
Please report any incidents to me via email. We would hope that in most cases the spirit of the game was acceptable if not perfect. Please note that as there are always two sides to every argument we can only monitor the complaints (unless very serious). If the complaints are continually about the same team the committee will look to take action.
I ask you to remind your players and umpires of rule 42 (4), in the MCC Laws of Cricket ….Fair and unfair play.
Premier and Championship clubs could you also remind your umpires on Law 42 (9 & 10) time wasting……
Following publication of  "Safe Hands" guidelines from the ECB - document included in this send out - the Committee recommend that you use the Parental Consent and Waiver form.  You should copy this letter on to your own club's headed paper.  
At the moment, these are just guidelines, i.e. not mandatory, and we do not wish to concern you unnecessarily. However, we feel that, if you have U13s playing in your senior sides, you should ask their parents to read the guidelines and complete the form.
This is for your club's benefit, not that of the League.
If you require any explanation of the above, please contact Sharon Eyers: [email protected]
I wish you all good cricket in 2015, please feel free to contact me if you need any further information or help.