Guidelines for Putting a Result on Play Cricket

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Please ensure that your squad is entered onto play cricket, this ensures that scorecards are accurate and you do not have a list of ‘unknowns’.
1. Home team enter full results by 11pm on Tuesday following the match.
2. Away team to confirm correct by 9pm on Thursday followingmatch.
3. Win = 12 match points
Lose = 0 match points
Tie = 6 match points (tie = both teams have same score and have lost the same number of wickets, eg. both teams 120 - 6)
Winning draw = 8 points
Losing draw = 4 points
(winning draw = both teams same total, but lost fewer wkts than oppo, eg 120 for 6, oppo 120 for 8)
4. Bowling Points;Both team get bowling points. 0.5 points per wicket, maximum 5. If team has fewer than 11 players and all available wickets are taken you get max bowling points. If a player is injured fielding and does not bat, or retires hurt it does not count as a wicket taken.
5. Batting Points;Both teams get batting points. Calculated on run rate = number of runs scored divided by exact number of overs faced, eg35 overs and 1 ball= 35.167,35 and2 = 35.33,35 and 3 = 35.5,35 and 4 = 35.67,35 and 5 = 35.83
6. Maximum batting points is 6
7. There are no points awarded for a rain affected game. It will not be counted as a game played.
8. If a team defaults they will get 0 points for that game and 5 points deducted from their total. It will count as a game played.
9. The team defaulted against will be awarded 20 points. It will count as a game played.
10. Table placing will be decided on average points scored, ie number of points divided by number of games played.
11. Failure to enter your results in time will result in a warning for the first offence and 5 point deduction for each subsequent offence.
12. Failure to confirm the results in time, provided the results are there, will result in a warning for the first offence and 5 point deduction for each subsequent offence.
13. In the case of disagreement, the WCSL play-cricket administrator’s decision will be final.